Fourdaysrunning Returns

Steve Welch, Director, explains why he’ll spend a bank holiday weekend cycling across a lot of Kent…

Over the weekend of the 3rd to 6th May, I will be taking part in the 10th Fourdaysrunning event which this year is loosely following the Pilgrims Way from Canterbury to London. This will be a gruelling 114k cross country course spread over the four days, covering a full marathon distance on the Sunday. The majority of the 20 plus participants will be running, with a few of us covering the distance by bike.

As many of you will remember, this is an annual event that our great friend Ivor Reveley established to raise money and awareness for CASPA, a charity that was extremely close to his heart who work to support children, young people & families affected by Autism.

Over the past nine years, Ivor managed to build a team of fellow runners, cyclists, rowers, walkers and riders, none of whom believed they could run the distance he sold to them as a ‘little rumble’. Nonetheless, his natural inspirational and supportive approach shined through as always, pushing his friends old and new on to achieve things they never thought possible, raising over £100,000 whilst doing so.

Sadly we are coming up to the anniversary of the loss of our friend and colleague, but the team he built are determined to carry on his legacy and have therefore organised this year’s event.

As you can see from the photo, the training is well underway, so now comes the plea for your sponsorship. If you would like to donate this year to help to raise much-needed funds for CASPA and to encourage the whole team, please follow the link below.

Many thanks to you all for your continued support over the past year, it has been very much appreciated by us all.

Many thanks,